White Toilet Rolls
2-Ply, 36 rolls per case, 320 sheets per roll.


White Mini Jumbo
2-Ply, 12 rolls per case, 200 metres per roll.


White Jumbo Toilet Rolls
2-Ply, 6 rolls per case, 400 metres per roll.


Interleaf Paper Hand Towels
3,600 towels per case in Green, Blue or White.


Mini Centre Feed Rolls
2-Ply 12 rolls per case 160 sheets per roll in Blue or White.



Midi Centre Feed Rolls
2-Ply 6 rolls per case 180 metres per roll in Blue or White.



Jumbo Centre Feed Rolls
2-Ply 2 rolls per case 1,000 sheets per roll in Blue or White.


Facial Tissues
24 packs of 100 per pack 2-ply white.


Heavy Duty Bin Liners
200 per box 18”x29”x39” in Black, Yellow, Red, Blue.


2 rolls per case Red, Yellow, Green ,Blue, White.
200 sheets per roll or 100 to a pack.



Unique, durable and attractive dispenser range for paper goods. They have unique locking mechanism that deters unauthorised entry.

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