Skin Cleaner for Painters and Engineers

A powerful industrial skin cleanser, which incorporates a 2-in-1 cleansing and conditioning action.

Ezee is designed to remove stubborn industrial dirt, oil and grease from the skin, whilst being exceptionally mild.

REMOVES: Paints; emulsion, gloss, alkyd & acrylics. Also many inks, oils, grease & general soiling.

Ideal for maintenance workers, engineers and fitters, production operatives, warehouse staff, mechanics, painters and decorators.



Finger Gel Extra

An effective beaded hand cleaner with a citrus-oil base for extra strength and mildness.

An orange scented hand cleaner, which contains scrubbing agents for added cleaning power, has been manufactured to a carefully controlled non-drip consistency.

Suitable to remove oil, grease, grime and many paints.