Concentrated moss remover eliminates using pressure washer.

Bowlflush Toilet Cleaner
Thixotropic perfumed toilet cleaner, reduces number of products required.

Bubblebright Lemon
Concentrated lemon washing up liquid.

Chloguard Bleach
Concentrated sodium hypochlorite bleach 10%.

Elecguard Fast
Industrial safety solvent, removes glues, grease etc. cleans electric motors.

Floral Guard Disinfectant
Highly concentrated floral disinfectant, passes BS6471 test at 30:1 with water

Glass Cleaner
A ready-to-use glass and plastic cleaner, no chalk deposits when cleaning.

Ice Guard Screen Wash
Screen wash additive all year round, prevents freezing to -20┬░C.

Insta Cleanz
Heavy Duty water soluble cleaner/degreaser, bio-degradable.

Premium Power Clean
Pressure wash additive for cleaning vehicles, buildings machines etc.

Scale Off Acid Wash
Concentrated acid cleaner, acid washing concrete, removing concrete deposits.

Solclens Multi-Purpose
A truly Multi-Purpose cleaner, recommended for cleaning plastisol.

Sol Kem Bactericidal
Concentrated bactericidal cleaner, kills 99.999% of bacteria to BS EN 1276.

UPVC Cleaner
UPVC solvent cleaner removes silicone deposits felt tip etc. general dirt.

Wash & Gleam for Vehicles
Vehicle wash and wax shampoo with built in wax.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Water based cleaner for use in Ultra Sonic cleaning machines.

Ultra Sonic Rinse Aid
Water based rinse aid for use after Ultra Sonic cleaner has been used.

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